From Yangon Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal to Yangon City, Downtown

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From Yangon Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal to Yangon City, Downtown

Local Bus (From Highway Bus Long Distance Bus Stop to Yangon Downtown.)


  • The Yellow Mark : Local Bus Stop (36 Bus Line)

  • The Right Side of the Mark on the Map : 36 Bus Parking Pool



 There is the Local Bus from Highway Bus Terminal to Yangon. The Bus Line is 36. The price is only 200 kyat. Car Taxi is 8,000 or 10,000kyat.


 Please get on at the 『Local Bus Stop (36 Bus Line)』
 And please wave your hand, when the bus is coming and approaching, the driver is not kind. haha.
 I am not sure how many buses run a hour, but the bus is 15 ro 20 mins come to the bus stop, but in the midnight is not run. Then there is a truck bus, and please ask "Sule Pagoda???". Sule is the central Yangon and Yangon Local Bus Terminal. The price is expensive more than local bus, but 500kyat. (Local Bus 36 is 200kyat、Car Taxi is over 8,000yat).


 And early in the morning (5am〜6:30am), you go to the 『36 Bus Parking Pool』, you can get on a first bus, so you can go to Yangon by taking a seat. But this is just a parking pool so only early in the morning. Almost case you can not take a bus in the daytime.So, in the daytime, Local BUs Stop (36 Bus Line) is the better.


 When you come back to Yangon from some places, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, You might arrive in Yangon early in the morning,


 Myanmar Taxi is the negotiation System. From Yangon Highway Bus station to Yangon Downtown is around from 8,000 to 10,000kyat. The price moves early in the morning or in the midnight. And in 7am 〜 9am and 5pm〜7pm, the traffic jam is so terrible in Yangon. When you go to The Hiighway Bus Terminal and Airport, please pay attention. It takes a time for around 2 hours from the downtowon by the traffic jam. Not having a traffic jam, taking a time is around 40 mins.


 Local Bus Line 36 is only 200kyat. but having a many belongings, the bus driver might deny to get on you, if the bus is crowded. It depends on the driver. The worse case, you take a truck bus. The price is just 500 kyat and ask them "Sule Pagoda?". The Sule Pagoda is the Yangon Local Bus Terminal, and the center of Yangon downtown.


Motorbike Taxi

 Yangon cannot ride a motorbikes, There is no Motorbike Taxi in Yangon.

Map of Yangon Highway Bus Terminal, Long Distance Bus Stop (Aung Mingalar Bus Terminal)


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From Yangon Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal to Yangon City, Downtown

Myanmar Travel Information

From Yangon Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Terminal to Yangon City, Downtown

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