Ranking of Recommendation, Sightseeing Spots in Myanmar

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Ranking of Recommendation, Sightseeing Spots in Myanmar

Ranking & Recommendation Myanmar Sightseeing Spots

 I made a recommended tourist spot in Myanmar, selfishly. It is almost the same as the place commonly said, but I think that it will be helpful even for a while.



Bagan Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking PlaceBagan

Bagan Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place

 If you come to Myanmar, you should definitely visit Bagan. There are plenty of pagodas in Bagan. Bagan has not developed, so the scenery remains several hundred years ago in Bagan. There is no high buildings in the scenery. It is not famous in the world, but many foreign tourists visit every year. The World Heritage? I do not know if it is in, but Bagan has a worth more than a bad world heritage in the world. My sensation is Angkor Wat.
 Foreigners has to pay an entrance fee, US 20 dollars, but it has a worth going. to Bagan, even if foreigners pay US 20 dollars. And we recommend that it is easy to be sightseeing by rental E-bike.

Mandalay Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking PlaceMandalay

Mandalay Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place  Mandalay is the third Myanmar city after Yangon, Nepido. Mandalay has plenty of pagodas, and there are some places of interest such as Mandalay Hill and U-Bain Bridge. And You should go to Inn wa, Sagaing district, too. It is hard to be sightseeing all, if you do not stay in Mandalay just 1 night At least, it needs 2 or 3 nights in Mandalay.

Inle Lake Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking PlaceInle Lake

Inle Lake Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place

  Inle Lake is a located in the highlands of Myanmar. People of living in Inle Lake has a unique lifestyle and is renowned for rowing a boat with one foot. As expected, there are no people rowing with one foot recently, because they use motor boats, but you can see it in the Inle Lake for showing tourists. There are also many water pagodas in Inle Lake. Inle Lake is famous sightseeing place in Myanmar as same as Bagan and Mandalay.
 The Trekking is the famouse from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Many foreign tourists visit to Kalaw and enjoy the trekking. Kalaw is located close to Inle Lake and high attitude more than Inle Lake. There are several courses available for 1 night 2 days, 2 nights 3 days, so if you are interested, please bring trekking shoes.

No. 4 Hpa-an

Hpa-an Pa-an Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place  Hpa-an is located Southern Myanmar, and the distance from Yangon is 500km toward the South. Hpa-an has many cave pagodas and the landscape is really great and beautiful. You will be fun just riding a motorcycle and car. The famous sightseeing places in Mynmar are toward North, but there are many good places the south of Myamar. Why do not you go to South??? And we recommend you to go to Mawlamyine, which is located 200km from Hpa-an, with Hpa-an. Mawlamyine has many sightseeing spots, too. Especially, Huge reclining Buddha is famous.

No. 5 Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place  Malwamyine is the fourth biggest city in Myanmar. Although it is not very famous for foreigners, but there are plenty of places to see such as Reclining Big Buddha, Sitting Big Buddha, Pa-Auk Meditation Center and some places. It is located about 1.5 hours one way from Hpa-an, you can travel Hpa-an from Mawlamyine by one day trip. It is easy going to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, (Golden Rock) from Mawlamyine more than Yangon. The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda(Golden Rock) is located the middle point of Yangon and Mawlamyine. But from Mawlamyine, it does not take a time to go to The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, because the bus terminal is near from the Mawlamyine downtown. Yangon is very far from the center of Yangon.

No. 6 Dawei

Dawei Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place

  Currently, Dawei area where the Government of Japan is advancing and promoting development. It is far from 12 to 13 hours by highway bus from Yangon, but there are many very beautiful beaches in Daway and there are few resort developments, so you can see and enjoy the unspoiled beaches, local beaches. Of course you can also swim in the beautiful beaches. The waves are calm and it is very easy to swim. Grandfather Beach is a very big and beautiful beach, but it takes a time about 2 hours from Dawei city. Moreover, as there is no development at all, and just few people visit to the beach. .
 If you feel Dawei is too far, why do not you visit Mawlamyine and Hpa-an, just one night or 2 nights?

No. 7 Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung Travel Sightseeing Spot Ranking Place  Nguyen Sun Beach is located from Yangon about 6 - 7 hours by highway bus. Ngwe Saung is the easiest resort in Myanmar. It is not developed like Thailand resort like Pattaya, Phuket, so it is perfect for people who want to relax on the local beach. There are not many people, foreign travelers do not visit so much. The beach of Dawei is attractive, but Ngwe Saung is easy to go from Yangon. Nguyen Sang also has the beautiful beach and the water is really clean, but the wave is high a little. If you borrow a floating wheel (1 day, 1,000 kyat, 90 yen) there is no problem at all.

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Ranking of Recommendation, Sightseeing Spots in Myanmar

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Ranking of Recommendation, Sightseeing Spots in Myanmar

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